How to add Web resource within Power Apps

How to add Web resource within Power Apps

Web Resource are the files that are used by the developers to extend the app functionality by using web development. These are the virtual files that are stored in the system. Each Web resource is identified by the unique name that can be used in the URL to retrieve the file.

In this blog, we will discuss two methods to show how to add a Web resource within Power Apps.

First Method:

Steps to add web resource within Model driven App

Step 1:

Login to using your credentials and from the left navigation bar click on + Create and then click on Model-driven app for blank

Step 2:

A box will appear, select classic app designer.

Step 3:

Fill in the given boxes with the Name and Description of your app, then press on the Done button to begin making your Model-Driven App.

Step 4:

Click on the pencil icon on Site Map within App Designer as shown below

Step 5:

Click on Add from the navigation bar, then select Subarea from the drop-down menu.

Step 6:

In the Components section, go to the properties of Sub Area, then choose Web Resource under Type

Step 7:

Enter the URL or your Web Resource to use it within Model-driven app

Second Method:

Step 1:

Login to using your credentials and from the left navigation bar click on + Solutions and then click on the solution for which you want to insert the Web resource.

Step 2:

In the Selected Solutions, from the top navigation, click on + New. From the list of drop-down, select Other, and from there select Web resource.

Step 3:

A new window will open, fill in the details in the form given below, specify the type of Web resource you will be using and click on Save. Preview how your form will appear and do the required customization. Once the customization is done you can Publish the form.

So, using the above methods, you can easily add Web resources within Power Apps as per your requirement.

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