Microsoft Power Automate with Robotic Process Automation capabilities in UI flows

Microsoft Power Automate with Robotic Process Automation capabilities in UI flows

Through this blog let’s explore how Microsoft Power Automate becomes more powerful and magical with Robotic Process Automation(RPA) capabilities in UI Flows. Easily automate repetitive and mundane tasks using Robotic Process Automation capabilities in UI flows within Power Automate. Power Automate supports automation on both Windows and Web applications through UI flows.

Brief introduction to Power Automate

Power Automate is one of the four components of Microsoft Power Platform family. Previously it was known by the name of Microsoft Flow. Power Automate helps you to streamline repetitive tasks by creating automated workflows between your apps and services. It is a service that automates the manual and paper work like collecting data, getting notification, synchronizing files and many more. For more details click here.

There are different types of flows in Power Automate as given below:

  • Automated flows
  • Scheduled flows
  • Button flows
  • Business process flows
  • UI flows

Introduction to UI flows

Microsoft introduced UI flows with Robotic process automation capabilities to help save time and efforts. It helps to automate all your manual business processes whether on-premises or in the cloud. Thus, it helps to streamline repetitive and tedious tasks so that your team can work on other important tasks. It enables modern and legacy applications and services to bring API – and UI based automation together in a single platform.

Benefits of UI flows with RPA capabilities in Power Automate

  • Boost productivity : Save time by building automated workflows from basic tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration through hundreds of pre-built connectors.
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency : Avoid errors in data handling and processing due to automation capabilities and intelligent workflows.
  • Simplify tedious processes in business through automation :It helps you to automate time-consuming manual tasks so that you can concentrate better on strategic and high value tasks.
  • Secure environment to build script : It enables everyone to build workflows quickly and securely without any prior coding experience. It provides you with cloud-based data loss prevention along with identity and access management services.

Microsoft democratizes Power Automate to be used by all organization with attended and unattended RPA

Robotic Process Automation is getting extensive recognition as the enterprises are embracing RPA to automate front-office and back-office tasks across different sectors.

RPA uses artificial intelligence to create software bots that can manage mundane and repetitive tasks, so that the team can focus on higher-value activities. It is also getting popular due to its low-code and no-code approach giving everyone the power to create.

Power Automate provides RPA capabilities for a range of attended and unattended scenarios. However, in most cases attended bots are useful for front-end activities where it is not possible to automate end to end business process. Whereas, unattended RPA bots can effectively manage tasks and execute query in the application that require no human involvement. Moreover, attended RPA includes AI capabilities like object detection, forms processing, text classification, prediction and many more. 

For instance, a desk person can get help from attended RPA to answer and solve common customer query while unattended bots can perform batch operation like adding the customer information from spreadsheet to multiple application.

Thus, automate processes within the apps you use every day with seamless integration across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure. For more information click here.

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