Technologies related to Power Apps

Technologies related to Power Apps

In this blog, technologies related to Power Apps will be discussed. Before going further, it is suggested to go through this blog to understand how you can start using Power Platform.

Brief introduction to Microsoft Power Platform:

Microsoft Power Platform consist of four robust tools – Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual agents.

The combination creates low-code, efficient apps, analyse data and automate your workflow to streamline the repetitive tasks. It connects to more than 300+ data sources through Common Data Service. The apps build with Microsoft Power Platform are completely responsive and works well on different channels like Web browser, tablets, and mobile. To know more about Microsoft Power Platform Click here.

Power Apps related technologies

Power aps works with several technologies to create powerful apps for your organisation needs. Few of these technologies include:

Data Sources, connections, and gateways:

  • For any business, data is very essential. Data sources helps you to bring your on-premises and cloud data together on your apps.
  • Custom connectors, gateways and built-in connections provides way to access your data.
  • Power apps lets you create canvas app which mostly uses the data for external information stored in Data Sources.
  • Apps can access the common data sources like Excel, OneDrive for business, SharePoint etc by using connections.
  • There are more than 300 data sources that can connect to your apps to access information. However, some connections only allow the read and write capability to stored data.
  • Therefore, Power Apps gives you full control to add many data sources to your apps through built-in or custom connectors.
  • Apps created by Power Apps can also make use of data sources on cloud for instance like Salesforce.
  • Data connections and gateways are very essential when creating an app especially when collecting information from your business data or colleagues or customers that are an asset for any organisation.
  • To access on-premises data, you can use gateways that provides a reliable connection between your apps and data sources.
  • With a gateway, you can connect to on-premises data using these connections: SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle, Informix, DB2, Filesystem.
  • So, one of the biggest advantages of using Power Apps is that you can connect to multiple data sources in a single app.

Common Data Service:

  • A set of entity that lets you store and mange data to be used for business applications. An entity is a set of records that are used to store data. Data stored in entity is similar to data stored in the table within a database.
  • Common Data services consist of Standard entities and Custom entities. Standard entities are pre-built that cover the general scenarios however, you can also create custom entities as per your organisation needs and populate the with data by using Power Query. Standard and custom entities within Common data service provides a cloud-based storage option.
  • Entities within Common Data Service are easy to manage and you need not worry about how the data is stored.
  • Role-based security allows you to secure your data as you can grant permissions to users who can view, edit, or delete it. So, within an organisation you can control access to entities for different users and secure your data.
  • Extend your app capabilities by using data from Dynamics 365 applications, as it is stored within Common Data Service.
  • Common Data Service also have rich metadata and therefore Power Apps can directly use data types and relationship.
  • Common Data Service comes with logic and validation capabilities that helps you to set business rules, define validation, automate workflows and process business flows to ensure quality of data and drive business process.
  • Entities within Common Data Service are also available with the add-in for Microsoft excel to ensure data accessibility and thus, increase productivity.


These technologies make Power App tool of Microsoft power Platform, all the more powerful. It gives citizen developers as well as professional developers to build efficient application by making use of data connectors and Common Data Service. It lets organisation to get a proper insight of their business by making use of data and drive their business output.  

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