PowerPlatformConsultants Newsletter – Issue #3

Wishing everyone a very happy new year, welcome to the third edition of PowerPlatformConsultants Newsletter

Latest releases and announcements featured by Microsoft

Send push notifications to model-driven apps using Power Automate

Share Dataverse for Teams apps beyond a team

Simple Image control for model driven apps

Editing related records on a main form in a model driven app – In Preview

New Model Driven Apps controls, deprecation of old controls

The general availability of read/write XMLA endpoint in Power BI Premium

Gain key insights on your certified connector in the ISV Portal

Announcing the General Availability (GA) of Monitor in Power Apps

Import a connector from GitHub as a custom connector

Approvals app now available on Microsoft Teams

Source code files for Canvas apps

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Case Studies

Power Platform Stories

Through the above link know about the real-world stories with Microsoft Power Platform, learn about the wide range of organization and users that have adopted low-code and the Power Platform along with Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 in the year 2020.

Power Platform

Power BI

Sample HTTP Endpoint For Querying Azure Analysis Services And Power BI Premium

Run queries against AAS or Power BI via a simple REST API by using a link shared above that shows it all through a sample project on GitHub.

Filtering the top products alongside the other products in Power BI

This article by Marco Russo & Alberto Ferrari shows how to filter and show top N items and final row for others in Power BI using DAX

Static vs Dynamic ranking in Power BI

Handling requests related to rankings are quite common in most business scenarios, and understanding the difference between static and dynamic ranking is absolutely necessary in order to apply proper calculations. Understand the difference between static and dynamic ranking through the blog post

Migrating Power BI Dataflows Across Workspaces

If you want to know about how to move Dataflows from one workspace to the other and reconnect Power BI desktop report to the migrated dataflows, you must read the above blog by Sandeep Pawar

Handling Multiple URL Query Parameters With The Same Name Using Web.Contents In Power Query/Power BI

In this article Chris Webb shows how to handle multiple URL query parameters with the same name using Web.Contents in Power Query

Power Apps

Use the Innovation Backlog to manage app and flow ideas

Know about Innovation Backlog – a new app that’s part of the Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit. With this app the users can submit ideas for app and flows for digital innovation.

SVG Icons in Power Apps  – Canvas apps

This article by Matthew Devaney explains why to use SVG icons and how to use SVG icons in Power Apps. It shows how to change an SVG Icons style: color, fill, hover and selected fill.

Weird combo box OnChange behavior – Should it trigger or not?Canvas apps

In this article Hardit Bhatia shows the steps that you can take to avoid unnecessary triggering of OnChange property of combo box.

Relational data on Model-driven forms, part 2: Form Component ControlModel-driven apps

Through this article by Jukka Niiranen explore how the new Form Component Control enables us to essentially blend the forms from two different tables (entities) onto a single form for the user to easily interact with.

Using the Power Apps portals WebAPI to Clear the Portal CachePower Apps portals

In this article Nick Doelman explains how you can clear the cache to ensure that all the latest updates to the portal metadata as well as Dataverse info are visible on the Power Apps portal.

Dataverse Custom API: AllowCustomProcessing ExplainedMicrosoft Dataverse

This article by David Rivard aims at demonstrating the difference between Dataverse Custom API and Workflow Custom Actions. It also focusses on the AllowedCustomProcessingStep attribute of Custom APIs.

Power Automate

How to query more than 5K CDS records using FetchXml in PowerAutomate/ Microsoft flow

In this article Debajit Dutta shows how to retrieve more than 5000 records using FetchXml queries in Power Automate

Formatting Approvals’ Details in Cloud Flows | Power Automate

In this post by Priyesh Wagh, you will see through an example how to format Details for a “Start and wait for an approval” Action step in Power Automate / Cloud Flow

Process advisor learning materials added to RPA in a Day training

RPA in a Day content is updated by Microsoft and it includes process advisor now

Getting notified of new Microsoft events using Power Automate

This article shows how you can use Power Automate to notify and publish Microsoft events in Microsoft Teams


Power Apps Shopping Cart new for 2021 by Shane Young

Power Apps Gallery Design Ideas by Reza Dorrani. This video provides 5 different gallery design styles

Azure Active Directory Access Packages to automate the process of granting premium licenses

In this video Matt Peterson shows you how to work with pop up screens within Microsoft’s Power Apps.

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