Boosting Doctor Productivity & Treatment Accuracy: A PowerApp Case Study for UME

This case study highlights our development of a model-driven PowerApp for UME, a California-based healthcare organization, to manage patients and improve doctors’ productivity.
UME Smart Healthcare Management System
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UME needed an effective solution to manage patient appointments, maintain their medical histories, and track on-going activities at all its 150 locations.

The goal was to reduce manual efforts, improve access to patient data, and enhance the overall productivity of healthcare providers through automation.

Solution Delivered

We conducted several discovery sessions to get to the core of Client’s need and challenges. After a thorough evaluation, we set on to develop a comprehensive model driven PowerApp with features such as:
Home Page Dashboard

Home Page Dashboard

We created the centralized dashboard for doctors to view total appointments, upcoming events, meetings for the month, conferences, and updates in the pharmacy, providing a summarized and organized overview.

Patient Health History

Enabled doctors to access patients' present and past health records allowing them to prescribe relevant treatment and work on a case effectively with all the requisite medical information at hand.

Clinic Activity Monitoring

Implemented features for doctors to monitor ongoing activities in their clinics, ensuring they stay informed and manage their practices effectively.

Pharmacy Integration

Integrated pharmacy details and updates with the hospital system, ensuring seamless access to medication information and streamlining the prescription process.

Value Delivered

Improved Treatment Accuracy

Due to the automatic access to patient history, it improved the accuracy of the treatment since doctors could get all the information that was necessary for proper decision-making.

Increased Productivity

The automation of medical history tracking and centralized access to data significantly boosted user productivity, reducing manual efforts and saving time.

By implementing this Model-Driven PowerApp, we enabled UME to enhance its healthcare services through better data management, improved treatment processes, and increased efficiency across all locations.

Tools Used

Canvas Power App

Canvas Power App

Power Automate

Power Automate

SharePoint Database

SharePoint Database

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