About Us

This blog site is managed by Mr. Udit Handa, CEO Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd and his team of experts in Microsoft Power Platform. Author for the site is Ms Rashmi kaushik who works as a Software consultant in Cynoteck. She is passionate about the technology and through this platform shares her knowledge for the community of Power Platform developers.

As we all know Information Technology is an ever-evolving industry and one needs to be updated to survive in this competitive world.

Microsoft Power Platform is relatively new but is getting popular among masses because it is easily manageable, provides low-cost and effective solution to your business needs. It consist of Power Apps, Power BI, Power automate, and Power virtual Agents.

It’s low-code or no-code Power App tool helps people with no background in coding to create a well-designed apps. On the other hand it also lets professional developer to customise their app using Visual Studio and extend their app capabilities using Azure functions. Power BI helps to analyse your data through means like charts and dashboard. Power Automate streamlines the repetitive tasks. Power Virtual Agents lets you to create chatbots to converse with your customers and employees.