Alex BI: Unveiling Sales Growth Drivers in Healthcare

This case study shows our application of Power BI and DAX to help the client analyze their graph growth and decline in the sale of items and services to medical insurance providers and hospitals. Using different visuals in Power BI to explain it, with revenue matrix, waterfall chart, etc., we helped them analyze optimal sales strategies and clarity on sales performance.
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The Challenge

The brief given to us by the client (which was in healthcare sector) was that they wanted to see the rate of Growth in their sales of items and services to their clients (which were majorly Hospital and Medical Insurance Providers).

They not only wanted to see the Sales Data in such a format that clearly showed growth or decline, but also the reasons behind these fluctuations.

Solution Delivered

As a first step, we conducted several discovery sessions to get a clear understanding of their current situation and needs. After evaluation, we, then, connected to their SQL database and created a series of insightful Power BI visuals:

Customizable Revenue Matrix

We provided an interactive matrix that displayed monthly revenue, allowing the client to easily track trends over time. 

Sales Breakdown

To provide the client with a clear picture of different income streams, we categorized sales by revenue type. And with a clear overview, users can drill down deeper into specific aspects.

Month-over-Month Comparison

We created “waterfall chart” to highlight changes in the monthly revenue, for growth it was in green and for decline it showed red, grasping the user's attention immediately. 

Growth vs. Decline Analysis

Here we compared negative sales month-to-month. If current negative sales were higher than the last month, it is bound to bring a decline and vice versa. 

Growth/Decline by Service

Growth/Decline by Service

This section showed a matrix showing how the client's insurance service (categorized further), this helped user experienced to judge the individual categories showing growth or decline.

Product Analysis

Product Analysis

Using bookmarks, we helped users to switch seamlessly between product and service breakdowns, providing a comprehensive view. 

Value Delivered

This solution provided customers with a “top-down” approach, where they can start with noticing their total revenue on top and then drill it down to finer details, understanding in the process, the reason for its growth or de-growth. This provided them with clarity to optimize their sales strategies. 

Tools Used

Power BI

Power BI



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